Selected Clips

Now’s Your Chance to Own a Paper Mill (The Awl)
The Pavlovsk Experimental Station (The Awl)
So Shellfish! The Great Moon Snail Attack (The Awl)
The Cost of Canning (The Billfold)
The Year in Springsteen (BuzzFeed)
Other Types of Showers (The Hairpin)
Revival Nightly, 7:00 (Longshot Magazine)
The Things We Make (LOST Magazine)
In My Town of Smallish Size and Stature (McSweeney’s)
A Conversation with Andrew Smales, Founder of Diaryland (Medium)
Bike Lady (Medium)
Magnetic Feels (Medium)
Follow Me, Follow My Mom (New York Times)
Autocorrect and the Tao of Texting (New York Times)
Permanent (Pindeldyboz)
High Hopes for Springsteen Cover Band (Portland Phoenix)
Rita Charon: The Literary Physician (Proto Magazine)